Bose is enabling developers and creators alike to deliver a sound first approach to AR experiences. Bose AR is an innovative platform based on sensor-driven, head movement and spatial sound capabilities. We are thrilled to welcome Raindance festival attendees as well as others from the creative and AR communities for a special 90 minute Bose AR Masterclass to learn about the capabilities of the first Audio AR platform. The Bose AR team will help you explore what's possible, advance your vision and equip you with new tools for creating unique and immersive experiences ranging from storytelling, audio tours, interactive music, and new ways of engaging gameplay. 


Led by expert members of Bose Developer Relations and AR Product teams, the masterclass will be divided into three 30 Minute sessions.

Join Chuck Freedman, Head of Developer Relations for an overview of Bose AR. Learn about ways in which you can create new experiences that complement the use of new Bose AR-enabled wearables, that will find their way into millions of users by the end of 2019. Learn why Bose has created this platform and what developers, creators, and brands are building for their users.

Next, meet Charlie Taylor, Bose AR Creator Lead, who will provide a first look of a new AR Creative workflow. Learn about Bose's latest toolset designed for creative professionals, artists, musicians, and storytellers. See how easy it is to build experiences with sound that can be made available instantly to millions of users.

To close out, join Filip Baba, Senior Developer Advocate and learn how to build a brief, yet compelling experience with the Bose AR SDK for Unity. A little code can go a long way, learn how to design and deploy Bose AR-enhanced experiences for your mobile app.

To learn more about Bose AR, please check out: We can't wait to have you join us - however, space is limited, so register now!